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deadbolt13Your Options When Getting Deadbolt Locks Installed written by: PowerJ Introduction
Security is of paramount important in every homestead. One way of ensuring that your house is secure is investing on quality locks as they are the first target to intruders. Deadbolt locks are surely the best rocks to use as they cone in a wide range of types that give you options depending on where you which doors you want them on.

Your Options When Getting Deadbolt Locks Installed

1. Mortise Deadbolt
This is a very strong lock that is installed in a mortise pocket that is cut on the edge of the door. Although it is an old model, it is quite effective as it cannot be tampered with easily. It is, however, problematic as the boring on the frame of the door weakens the door structure unless you use Fixabolt bolts.

vertical deadbolt2. The Vertical Deadbolt
This is another type of deadbolt that is normally fitted in the inside face of the door. The installation process is very simple, but they are bulkier and may not be very appealing to the eye. Since they are placed on top of the door in the interior, they are safer as intruders are not able to open them by placing a bar between the frame and the door as they do with horizontal deadbolts as they normally do.

3. Single Cylinder Deadbolt
This type of deadbolt is the most common mounted inside the door with a twist knob. There is a twist knob located in the interior and a key cylinder in the exterior of the face of the door. Locking the house from the inside requires simply turning the knob.

4. Double Cylinder Deadbolt
This is probably one of the best deadlocks. It is different from the single cylinder deadbolt in that it has no twist knobs. Both in the interior and exterior of the door, there are key cylinders. You will need a key to open a door fitted with this lock whether you are inside or outside the house or room. The good thing about it is that in case there is a glass in or near the door frame that an intruder might break to reach out for the knob inside the house, he will not be able to open as he will require a key that he doesn’t have. This kind of lock is faulted as it is not easy to respond to an emergency like a fire inside the house as one will need to look for the necessary key.

5. Rim Deadbolt
This is another efficient deadbolt as it is bolted inside the door and every time you close the door, the lock locks up. It solves the problem of those who keep forgetting to lock up. It is however faulted as one needs to keep carting the keys with him even when he is working just outside the house.

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These types of deadlocks should be effective depending on the type of door you are working with together with the extent of your security concerns. In cases of extreme security issues, a combination of locks can be used to ensure that your house is totally safe. There is nothing as bad as returning to your house after a day’s work to find it broken into.

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