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Ignition Switch Services In Tigard, OR

The ignition switch of your car is the master switch that is responsible for providing power to the ignition systems and electrical accessories of your vehicle. It is also used for routing current battery to starter for cranking the engine. But there are instances when the ignition switch shows signs of failure and it prevents the vehicle from starting properly. You will notice a large number of difficulties if your ignition switch shows signs of malfunctioning and hence you will need to look for the problems with car ignition switches.

The common problems with car ignition switches include-

Manufacturer defect- this is considered as the most common problem that is caused due to ignition failure but this problem can be rectified if your car is still under warranty. In case, if your vehicle is not under warranty then you will need to look for reputable automotive locksmiths for helping you to resolve the issues at the earliest.

Jammed up or worn out wafers- each key ignition consists of a set of wafers that are indexed with corresponding cuts on the keys. But with time, these parts can be worn out or it can be packed with grime and dust resulting in the failure of the ignition switches. The ignition switch can be repaired as you will not have to replace but you can do simple cleaning or individual wafer replacement is the best option for you.

worn out keyWorn out keys- there are instances when the keys of the vehicle get worn out and you will need to look for the replacement of the keys. If the material of the keys looses, it will work less effectively and gradually it will stop altogether and for this you will need to remake the key with the use of factory key cutting codes. This will ensure that the keys of your car will be cut correctly and function at an optimum level.

Wrong key inserted into key way- if the wrong key is inserted into ignition switch, you should not try to remove the key. You will need to call locksmiths immediately for resolving the issue and you should avoid pulling the key out that can cause more damages to the ignition switches and it can eventually cause irreparable damages.

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Car thefttAttempted vehicle theft- there is instances when the burglar attempts to steal your car and if they are not well versed with the working of the ignition, then it will result in messing up the ignition switches. It can also cause further damages and issues with the ignition switches and hence the best option for you to replace entire ignition assembly of your car to prevent any other issues with your car.

Malfunctioning of transponder key- when the transponder key will no longer communicate with the PCM, then you will need to look for the solution to this problem. The dreaded key malfunction is may be because computer chip is no longer functional or has lost its programming. Hence you will need to seek the assistance of professional locksmiths for fixing these issues in the most effective manner.

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