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Lock Re-Keying Services in Tigard, OR

lock rekeyRekeying is a simple process that renders the current lock keys inoperative by changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of a lock so that a new key will function. It is a process that has been done since 1836, when Solomon Andrews from New Jersey invented a lock with adjustable tumblers and keys. Later on, Andrews and Newell invented the removable tumblers that made it easier to rekey. Their patent was used as a basis for combination locks.


When to Rekey Your Locks


Rekeying is done when you fear that unauthorized people have access to your keys or when you move into a new house or you buy a used car. You can also rekey if you want to have the same key for your front and back door. Instead of replacing the entire lock with a new one, you can just change the tumbler or wager configurations and get a new set of keys. The problem that most people make is to discard the good old locks and buy cheap and less secure locks.


lock rekey1Modern day locks are designed in a way that you can rekey them at home without the input of a locksmith. However, for services you can rely on, it is always advisable to have a professional locksmith rekey your lock. To rekey your lock, you will need a rekeying kit. Rekeying kits, also called pinning kits, are available for different brands and mostly consist of cylinder follower, ring remover and plug follower among others. Just like it is economically feasible to rekey your locks instead of buying new ones, it is cheaper to have a locksmith rekey your car and door locks instead of buying rekeying kits for the different locks in your house doors and for your car.


Locks should be rekeyed every after 5 years. Over time, it becomes increasingly hard to remember who has locks to your house. In cases where the lock is defective, or when you want to upgrade the locks for security purposes, it is always advisable to replace the locks.

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The Process of Rekeying your Locks


Having known what is lock rekeying, you may be wondering how the process is carried out. First off, the exterior door knob or the lock face is removed and the lock cylinder taken out. The cylinder lock retainer ring and the cylinder plug are taken out to give room for the removal of old lower lock pins. A new key is inserted into the cylinder. This new key pushes the springs out of the way and acts as a guide for the new lock pins. Insert new pins using tweezers or needle nosed pliers. Lock pins are usually color or numerically coded to show which pin goes where. If the pins are not coded, you will be required to do trial and error and this where a locksmith comes in. Reassemble your lock and test the working of the new key.


When done right, rekeying offers a myriad of security benefits. If you are not a hands-on person, let a professional  do rekeying for you.

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